Are you looking for an outdoor or indoor adventure that teaches team building and communication? The Youth Center near Kansas City is known for setting the right stage to engage youth (and the young at heart) in taking positive risks, practicing actions of respect, identifying personal strengths, recognizing skills in their team, and learning aspects of emotional intelligence.

Radical ChallengeYouth

An outdoor team building workshop

The Radical Challenge is a program developed by the Youth Center to promote communication, teambuilding, and cooperation through adventure games. Youth are placed in situations that demand leadership, trust, risk-taking, listening, creativity and physical effort.

This program is a school field trip opportunity for 5th grade on up. The program falls under experiential education or hands-on learning. This is a four hour workshop.

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Radical Challenge — Adult

An indoor or outdoor team building workshop

Small learning groups engage in activities like personal development and team building experiences. Our staff designs innovative physical and mental challenges to exercise participants' critical thinking, teamwork and problem solving skills.

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“Radical Challenge is a great opportunity for students to develop team-building strategies while solving problems on a rotational course in the beautiful outdoors! Working together builds teamwork, hones critical thinking skills, and allows for personal growth. The skills developed in this fun, engaging activity teaches students skills necessary to solve problems not only at Radical Challenge but also carry over into everyday life! We look forward to bringing our 5th graders back every year!”

Susan Leuschke
5th Grade Teacher, Shoal Creek, LPS


I have taken my team of 8th graders to participate in the Radical Challenge program several times. We love the location—being out in the woods adds so much. The kids have a great time and they walk away with some new life skills. I have kids comment all year long about how much fun they had and how much they learned. We always book our next year's visit as we are leaving every year!

Mrs. Michelle Copeland
Team 8C Science, Antioch Middle School, NKCSD


Radical Challenge proves to be a great way to start our year thinking about comradery and teamwork. It pleasantly surprises the teachers which students can truly be "leaders" when given the opportunity.

Kimberly Hassler
6th Grade Teacher, Richardson Elementary, LS R-7

The Leadership Workshop Series

helps youth develop their leadership technique, increase their confidence by placing them in leadership situations, and teaches youth how to work together. Our goal is to:

  • Work with youth who are not the “regular” leaders in the school.
  • Fine tune student council leadership skills.
  • Provide a fresh perspective on leadership to other youth and school organizations by adapting to their needs.

The workshop breaks down stereotypes, teaches students about understanding peers, and challenges youth to interact and set goals to positively change their school or peer environment. The initial workshop is held at the Youth Center, with follow-ups planned according to program setting.

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A 3rd and 4th grader school field trip opportunity.

The Igloo Challenge is an indoor teambuilding program designed to promote communication, teamwork, and cooperation through initiative games.

This youth program works in conjunction with teambuilding and character education programs.

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Radical Challenge

Leadership Workshop Series

The Igloo Challenge

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